Professor Dame Pamela Shaw

Pro-Vice-Chancellor of Medicine, Dentistry and Health

“We bring together our researchers across medicine, science and engineering to enable us to tackle some of the biggest neurological challenges.

“All of the talented scientists across Sheffield Neuroscience are united under one goal – to unlock the mysteries of the brain and its networks to help halt, prevent or reverse neurological conditions which can have debilitating effects on both patients and their family.”

– Professor Dame Pamela Shaw

Translational Neuroscience

Professor Mimoun Azzouz

gene therapy, viral based gene transfer systems, therapeutic strategies, Parkinson’s Disease

Professor Oliver Bandmann

Parkinson’s Disease, Huntington’s Disease, Wilson Disease, dystonia, mitochondrial dysfunction, mitochondrial biomarkers

Professor Win Hide

molecular factors of disease, “omic” signatures, disease models, functional stratification of populations

Professor Paul Ince

brain ageing, neurodegeneration, vascular disease, motor system disorders

Professor Neil Lawrence

machine learning, computational systems biology

Professor Arshad Majid

translational cerebrovascular disease, ischaemic preconditioning, large animal (ovine) models of stroke, clinical outcomes research, clinical trials, stroke epidemiology, translational bioengineering

Professor Marcus Reuber

nonepileptic attack disorder (NEAD), psychosocial and neuropsychological aspects of epilepsy, doctor-patient communication

Professor Annalena Venneri

translational neuropsychology, diagnosis of dementia, neuroimaging techniques, psychotic symptoms of neurodegenerative disease

Professor Stephen Wharton

pathology of brain ageing, pathology of neurodegenerative disease, dementia, astrocytes, neurones and endothelium in the neurovascular unit, white matter pathology

Dr Janine Kirby

genetics of motor neurone disease, gene expression profiling, pathogenic mechanisms of neurodegeneration

Dr Christopher McDermott

improvement of patient care, mechanisms of neurodegeneration, motor neurone disease, hereditary spastic paraplegia

Dr Daniel Blackburn

post-stroke dementia, diagnostic tests, electroencephalography (EEG), conversation analysis

Dr Kurt De Vos

mechanisms of nerve cell death, axonal transport, mitochondria

Dr Andrew Grierson

regulation of axonal transport, vertebrate models of neurodegeneration

Dr Robin Highley

neuropathology and pathophysiology of neurodegeneration

Dr Tom Jenkins

magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), whole-body muscle MRI, MRI as a biomarker, energy deficiencies in motor neurone disease

Dr Ke Ning

viral vector-mediated gene therapy, stem cell strategies, PTEN/PI3 Kinase pathway, in vitro and in vivo neuronal survival

Dr James Alix

diagnosis, disease monitoring, electrophysiological techniques, perinatal brain injury

Dr Jonathan Cooper-Knock

genetic variants of motor neurone disease, C9ORF72 gene, gene expression profiling, hybridisation technique

Dr Laura Ferraiudo

glia, gene therapy, interaction between astrocytes and oligodendrocytes

Dr Guillaume Hautbergue

RNA dysregulation, pathophysiology, neuroprotective therapies

Dr Richard Mead

small molecule drug development, screening methodology, target identification, phenotypic assays, cell therapy paradigms

Dr Tenore Ramesh

upstream events in motor neurone disease, protein misfolding, pathogenic processes of neuronal death

Dr Jessica Redgrave

carotid plaque instability, red blood cell membrane cholesterol, delays in seeking medical assistance for strokes and TIA

Dr Julie Simpson

neuroinflammation, age-associated white matter pathology, immunohistological characterisation, gene expression profiling

Dr Jonathan Wood

myelinating glial cells, oligodendrocyte dysfunction

Dr Alasdair McNeill

genetic cause of neurological disorders, phenotyping, clinical genetics testing

Dr Heather Mortiboys

mitochondrial function, DNA, morphology, recycling, Parkinson’s Disease

Dr Esther Hobson

clinical care, telehealth, symptomatic excess saliva, patient experience

Dr Scott Allen

energy generation pathways of the CNS (central nervous system), metabolic pathway, metabolic response to cellular stress, metabolic response to ageing

Dr Claire Garwood

astrocytes, Alzheimer’s disease

Computational and Systems Neuroscience

Dr Asha Akram

neurodegenerative disorders, cell death following ischaemic stroke, targets for pharmacological treatment, rehabilitation therapy, clinical translation

Dr Paul Armitage

post-processing methods for MRI data, diffusion tensor imaging, dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI, arterial spin labelling, image registration, MR signal modelling

Dr Jason Berwick

neurovascular coupling, imaging, electrophysiology

Dr Enrico Bracci

basal ganglia, neuromodulation of striatal networks, excitatory GABA interactions, presynaptic interactions between striatal neurons

Professor Daniel Coca

mathematical theory of neural computation, visual information processing in Drosophila, optical brain imaging, large-scale simulation of neuronal systems

Professor Paul Dean

cerebella algorithm, cerebellar microcircuit, basal ganglia

Dr Tom Farrow

structural (VBM) and functional MR brain imaging, electrophysiological recording (SCR), neuromodulation (tDCS), psychiatric disorders, neurologic disorders,

Professor Paul Griffiths

paediatric neuroimaging, in utero MRI scanning, clinical practice

Dr Megan Freeth

social cue information, neural basis of autistic behaviours

Professor Kevin Gurney

computational modelling of basal ganglia, decision making, cognitive robotics

Dr Nigel Hoggard

diagnostic applications of MRI, neuroscience, head and neck imaging

Dr Clare Howarth

blood supply to the brain, astrocytes, neuroimaging,

Dr Myles Jones

non-invasive functional neuroimaging techniques, cerebral hemodynamics, imaging data, stimulus-evoked neural activity, “resting-state” neuroimaging data

Dr Aneurin Kennerley

experimental MRI research, image analysis software

Dr Liat Levita

processes of emotion, nucleus accumbens, pathology of the fronto-striatal circuitry, adolescence

Professor James Marshall

computational neuroscience, behaviour, decision-making, robotics

Dr Chris Martin

functional brain imaging signals, neurovascular coupling, science communication, public understanding

Dr Liz Milne

autism spectrum disorders, perception, EEG technique

Professor Paul Overton

Basal ganglia, dopaminergic neurons, neuroadaptations through drug abuse

Professor Tony Prescott

computational cognitive neuroscience, bio-inspired robotics, biomimetic and biohybrid systems

Professor Peter Redgrave

Basal ganglia, computational processes, superior colliculus

Dr Robert Schmidt

basal ganglia, dopamine, computational neuroscience, action control

Dr Hannes Saal

computational neuroscience, touch and tactile processing, neural coding, robotics, human psychophysics

Dr Tom Stafford

learning, decision making, movement system

Professor Eleni Vasilaki

computational neuroscience, neural engineering, synaptic plasticity, unsupervised and reinforcement learning

Dr Thomas Webb

self-regulation, behaviour change, goal achievement, motivation

Dr Hua-Liang Wei

neurophysiology, neuro-imaging data modelling and analysis, EEG, fMRI and ECG data, classification, pattern recognition, anomaly detection

Professor Iain Wilkinson

in-vivo MR imaging and spectroscopy, clinical translation

Dr Stuart Wilson

development of brain function, representation of physical space, self-organisation, synthetic littermate project, virtual body schema project

Sensory Neuroscience

Dr David Andrew

Neural mechanisms underlying chronic pain

Dr Simon Atkins

Neuropathic pain, regeneration following nerve injury and repair

Professor Fiona Boissonade

chronic pain, mechanisms of altered neuronal excitability, nerve regeneration

Professor Bazbek Davletov

Biomolecular assembly, neuronal blockers, novel medicines for chronic pain

Dr Milena De Felice

Chronic pain, migraine

Professor David Grundy

Neurogastroenterology: the neural control of gut function

Professor Matthew Holley

Development and function of the mammalian inner ear

Dr Stuart Johnson

Signalling characteristics of cochlear hair cells

Professor Mikko Juusola

Phototransduction, retinal and central processing of visual information

Dr Andrew Lin

Olfaction, learning and memory, activity-dependent plasticity

Professor Alison Loescher

facial pain

Dr Jarema Malicki

Eukaryotic cilia, signal transduction mechanisms, cell polarity

Professor Walter Marcotti

Development and function of mammalian cochlear hair cells

Dr Mohammed Nassar

Role of sodium channels in pain, new DRG cell lines for drug discovery and screening

Dr Anton Nikolaev

Visual information processing in the central nervous system

Professor Marcelo Rivolta

Auditory stem cells, inner ear repair

Dr Liz Seward

Ion channels, receptors, regulation of exocytosis